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Day 5 - Broken Hill/Silverton

Silverton - Mundi Mundi - Desert Scultures

Up early this morning and pack up for a trip to Silverton. First stop was John Dynon Outback Gallery... Some really amazing artwork to look at, especially the mannequin in the bikini with the Emu on the Belly...


From there we went up the road to the 39 Dip Gallery, some really interesting and humorus artwork here. Got a few nice pieces to put up when we get home...

In next door to the cowz gallery... Boys got a magnet here...

Back into the car and off to the Old Goal that is now a museum, interesting for the boys to see all the local history as well as the converted goal...


Back in the cars and out to Mundi Mundi Lookout... Some great pictures out here then back into town for lunch and a beer at the Silverton Hotel...

Up to Mad Max 2 museum to get a few shots then back into Broken Hill the the famous Train Hold up....


From there we head back into town and check out the big chair overlooking the town of Broken Hill...


Last on the plan for the day is the Living Desert and Sculptures.... Some great photos getting close to sunset...


Back to camp for some nibblies and get ready for dinner before a big drive tomorrow to Wilpena Pound....

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Day 4 - Broken Hill

Menindee - Broken Hill

Had a little bit of a sleep in this morning before some bacon and egg muffins for breaky and a coffee or two.
Addison and Layla got the fire cranking again....


Popped into town to visit a historical grave site, Dost Mahomet. Dost Mahomet was one of three sepoy camel drivers recruited from Afghanistan to take part in the Burke and Wills expedition. Dost Mahomet was one of the party that manned the camp at the now famous Dig Tree near Coopers Creek whilst Burke, Wills, Grey and King headed north to the Gulf of Carpentaria. They waited 4 months for the main party's return, abandoning the camp to return to Menindee only hours before Bourkes return to the Coopers Creek depot.


Fill up the car again before back to camp to pack the vans up for the short trip to Broken Hill...

We arrive around lunchtime, set up for 2 days then grab a CC and relax for the afternoon...


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Day 3 - Menindee

Lake Cargelligo - Hillston - Ivanhoe - Menindee

Leaving Lake Cargeligo at around 8ish we make our way 100km down the road to Hillston for some fuel and a pie for breaky...

All fueled up and back on the road next stop Ivan Hoe to top up again before the 200km dirt road trip to Menindee to catch the sunset...


A couple of stops along the dirt road to check everything is all good be fore we roll into Menindee just in time to catch the sunset over the lake..


Set the vans up and cook up some snags and steak for dinner, a few brews before jumping in bed for the night.

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Day 2 - Lake Cargelligo

Dunedoo - Dubbo - Parkes - Ootha - Lake Cargelligo

Wake to to ice and 0 degrees, throw on the Beanie and extra jacket then off on day two, first stop Parkes. We stop in at the CSIRO Observatory and check out the dish. Moved a little whilst we were there, grabbed some souviners then into Parkes to meet the crew for lunch.


Started raining now. On our way again with the next stop Ootha, Utes in the Paddock.... Kids loved checking out the scultpures.


Off again to our next night stop, Lake Cargelligo, we arrive and set up for the night. Cook up some dinner then a hot shower and coffee before off to bed for an early start to Menindi...


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Day 1 - Dunedoo

Home - Denman - Dunnedoo


Left about 430pm and headed off to begin our Birdsville adventure... after a few hours driving we stop off at Denman for some dinner, a burger from the pub then back on the road again to a little rest area just outside of Dunedoo. Set up for the night then snuggle up to sleep.

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